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Author signing of " Newsman: Tracking India in the Modi Era" by Rajdeep Sardesai
Event Date: 25th January 2019
One of the most respected voices in Indian journalism, Rajdeep Sardesai is an award-winning journalist and consulting editor with India Today television. He is the author of the bestselling books, 2014: The Election that Changed India and Democracy's XI: The Great Indian Cricket Story.
Author signing of "Kaalkoot" by S.Vankatesh
Event Date: 22nd January 2019
Venkatesh wears many hats. In his roles as private equity investor, executive coach, business leader, entrepreneur and Board member, he has helped businesses thrive and grow. He has spent a significant part of his professional life in the stock markets with Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan and continues to be an avid investor.
Author signing of "The Woman In The Window" by A.J. Finn
Event Date: 23rd January 2019
A.J. Finn has written for numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and the Times Literary Supplement. Finn's debut novel, the Woman in the Window, has been sold in thirty-eight territories worldwide and is in development as a major motion picture from Fox.
Author signing of "281 and Beyond" by VVS Laxman
Event Date: 22nd November 2018
A stylish batsman who could score against any kind of bowling, VVS Laxman played over a hundred Tests to aggregate more than 8,000 runs. Cricket fans still remember with awe his game-changing knock of 281 against Australia in 2001 at Eden Gardens. But playing for India was never easy. He was dropped as often as he was picked, and despite his vast experience and unimpeachable skill, he never made it to a World Cup team.
Author signing of "The Upside-Down King" by Sudha Murty
Event Date: 5th October 2018
Sudha Murthy is an Indian engineer, teacher, philanthropist and writer in Kannada and English. The tales in this collection, The Upside-Down King, surround the two most popular avatars of Lord Vishnu-Rama and Krishna-and their lineage. Countless stories about the two abound, yet most are simply disappearing from the hearts and minds of the present generation.
Author signing of "You Can Achieve More" by Shiv Khera
Event Date: 25th August 2018
Shiv Khera is an Indian author of self-help books and an activist. In 1998, Khera published his first book You Can Win (Jeet Aapki in Hindi), which focused on achieving success through personal growth and a positive attitude. Subsequent books that Khera authored include: Living With Honor, about living honorably and respectably in a fractured world; Freedom Is Not Free, about the need for action to reform Indian society; and You can Sell (2010).
Author signing of "When Coal Turned Gold" by Partha Sarathi Bhattacharyya
Event Date: 5th September 2018
It was great having Partha Sarathi Bhattacharyya at our IGI Airport store for the launch of his new book- When Coal Turned Gold. This book is a brilliant narration of how he dealt with the Dhanbad coal mafia, how he changed the way the industry was perceived, how he dealt with the trade unions and the government and, most importantly, how he was able to script one of the greatest success stories the country had ever seen.
Author signing of "The Dairy of a Domestic Diva" by Shilpa Shetty Kundra
Event Date: 27th April 2018
Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a renowned film and TV actor, businesswoman, author of The Great Indian Diet, entrepreneur and health enthusiast. She has always been a trendsetter, whether it be fashion or ideas, even designing her own line of sarees under the 'SSK' brand. Shilpa is also chairman of Best Deal TV, India's first celebrity home shopping channel, and IOSIS spa and salons that have seventeen centers across India.
Author signing of "I do what I do" by Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan
Event Date: 8th September 2017
When Raghuram G. Rajan took charge as Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in September 2013, the rupee was in free fall, inflation was high, India had a large current account deficit and India's exchange reserves were falling. As measure after measure failed to stabilize markets, speculators sensed a full-blown crisis and labelled India one of the Fragile Five economies. I Do What I Do offers a front-row view into the thinking of one of the world's most respected economists, one whose commitment to India's progress shines through in the essays and speeches here. It also brings home what every RBI Governor discovers for himself when he sits down at his desk on the 18th floor: the rupee stops here. Right here!
Author signing of "Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles" by Ruchir Sharma
Event Date: 29th Aug 2017
Shaped by his 25 years travelling the world and enlivened by his encounters with presidents, tycoons and villagers from Rio to Beijing, Ruchir Sharma's new book rethinks the dismal science of economics as a practical art, based not just on crunching numbers but on live observation. He shows us how to read the political headlines, the world billionaire rankings, the price of onions and popular news magazine covers as signs of coming booms, busts and protests. Parsing the complicated flood of data on debt, trade and capital flows, Sharma explains exactly which numbers are most telling for a nation's fortunes and when they signal a turn for the better or worse.
Author signing of "The Nation as Mother and Other Visions of Nationhood" by Sugata Bose.
Event: 25th August 2017
History matters in contemporary debates on nationalism,' Sugata Bose contends in The Nation as Mother. In this interconnected set of deeply researched and powerfully argued essays and speeches Bose explores the relationship between nation, reason and religion in Indian political thought and practice. Offering a subtle interpretation of the ways of imagining the nation as mother, the book illuminates different visions of India as a free and flexible federal union that have acquired renewed salience today. Breaking out of the false dichotomy between secular nationalism and religious communalism, the author provides incisive analyses of the political legacies of Tagore and Gandhi, Nehru and Bose, Aurobindo and Jinnah, and a range of other thinkers and leaders of the anti-colonial movement. The essays question assumptions about any necessary contradiction between cosmopolitanism and patriotism and the tendency among religious majoritarians and secularists alike to confuse uniformity with unity. The speeches in Parliament draw on a rich historical repertoire to offer valuable lessons in political ethics. In arguing against the dangers of an intolerant religious majoritarianism, this book makes a case for concepts of layered and shared sovereignty that might enable an overarching sense of Indian nationhood to coexist with multiple identities of the country's diverse populace. The Nation as Mother delves into history on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of freedom to evoke an alternative future of a new India based on cultural intimacy among its different communities.
Author signing of "Hanuman Chalisa" by Devdutt Pattanaik
Event Date: 4th Aug 2017
Devdutt Pattanaik is an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist, author and communicator whose works focus largely on the areas of myth, religion, mythology and also management. He has written over 600 articles and 30 books on the relevance of sacred stories, symbols and rituals in modern times, including Myth = Mithya: A Handbook of Hindu Mythology, Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata, Sita: An Illustrated Retelling of the Ramayana, Business Sutra: An Indian Approach to Management, Shikhandi: And Other Tales they Don't Tell You.
Author signing of "Domia" by L.S. Hilton
Event Date: 14th June 2017
Living in luxury amidst the splendours of Venice, she's finally enjoying the life she killed for. But someone knows what Judith's done. Judith can only save herself by finding a priceless painting - unfortunately, one that she's convinced doesn't even exist. And she's not the only one seeking it.This time, Judith isn't in control. Outflanked and out-thought, outrun and outgunned, she faces an enemy more ruthless and more powerful than she ever imagined. And if she doesn't win, she dies.
Author signing of "Sita: Warrior of Mithila" by Amish Tripathi
Event Date: 3rd June 2017
Immerse yourself in book 2 of the Ram Chandra series, based on the Ramayana, the story of Lady Sita, written by the multi-million bestselling Indian Author Amish; the author who has transformed Indian Fiction with his unique combination of mystery, mythology, religious symbolism and philosophy. In this book, you will follow Lady Sita's journey from an Adopted Child to the Prime Minister to finding her true calling.
Author signing of "An Unsuitable Boy" by Karan Johar
Event Date: 20th April 2017
Karan Johar is synonymous with success, panache, quick wit, and outspokenness, which inadvertently creates controversy and makes headlines. Honest, heart-warming and insightful, his much talked about biography, 'An Unsuitable Boy' is both the story of the life of an exceptional film-maker and of an equally extraordinary human being who shows you how to survive and succeed in life.
Author Signing by "Divya Dutta" for the book of "Me & Ma"
Event Date : 22 March 2017
Capturing the beauty of a mother-daughter relationship, Divya Dutta in this memoir celebrates her mother's struggles to turn her into the woman she is today. Divya walks us through the most intimate memories of her life, those that strengthened her relationship with her mother. The incredible bond she forged with her mother helped her through tragedies and difficulties, discouragements and failures and led her to become an award-winning actor of stature, both in the Hindi as well as the Punjabi film industry. Me and Ma is a celebration of Divya's exemplary achievements. It is also an honest, intimate and heartfelt tribute to the force behind her success-her mother.
Author signing by "Prachi Garg" for the book of "Super Couples"
Event Date : 8th March 2017
Prachi Garg is a new age writer, who is an entrepreneur herself. She co-founded and An alumna of Great Lakes Institute of Management, she is passionate about writing and travelling.
Author signing by "Devdutt Patnaik" for the book of " Business Sutra: An Indian Approach to Management "
Event Date : 18 December 2015
Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik is an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist and author whose works focus largely on the areas of myth, mythology, and also management. He has written over 600 articles and 30 books on the relevance of sacred stories, symbols and rituals in modern times, including Myth = Mithya: A Handbook of Hindu Mythology,Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata, Sita: An Illustrated Retelling of the Ramayana, Business Sutra: An Indian Approach to Management, Shikhandi: And Other Tales they Don't Tell You.
He is the former chief belief officer of Future Group, one of India's largest retailers, He writes a column for the newspaper MiD DAY.
Book signing session by author Anuja Chauhan
Event Date : 2nd June 2015
Anuja Chauhan is an Indian author and advertiser, often described as 'the best writer of the Indian commercial fiction genre'. She worked in the advertising agency, JWT India, for over 17 years, eventually becoming the vice-president and executive creative director, before resigning in 2010 to pursue a full-time literary career.
Lord Jeffrey Archer Signing Session at Delhi International Airport Departure Bookshop
Event Date : 08 March 2015
It has often been said that Jeffrey Archer's own story would make an international bestseller. He was born in London, brought up in Somerset, the son of a printer, and educated at Wellington School, and Brasenose College, Oxford....
Author signing by "Christopher C. Doyle" for the book of "The Mahabharata Quest - The Alexandar Secret"
Event Date : 10 October 2014
Christopher C. Doyle is an author who transports the reader into a fascinating world where ancient secrets buried in legends blend with science and history to create a gripping story....
iPad Mini Exclusive Festive Offer
Event Date : 1st October, 2014
This festive season Costumer get a chance to win a iPad Mini absolutely Free , through our Lucky draw contest...
Sponsor of IPL Team "Sunrisers Hyderabad" and Meet & Greet Event.
Event Date : 17 May 2014
With great pride we announce the association of WHSmith with IPL "Sunrisers Hyderabad" team as their Principal Sponsor for the season 2014...
Author signing by "Fatima Bhutto" for the book of "The Shadow of the Crescent Moon"
Event Date : 30 October 2013
Fatima Murtaza Bhutto born on 29 May 1982, is a Pakistani poet and writer. She is granddaughter of former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the niece of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, and daughter of Murtaza Bhutto...
Author signing by "Ravinder Singh" for the book of "like it happened yesterday".
Event Date : 26 June 2013
Ravinder Singh is the bestselling author of I Too Had a Love Story and I Too Had a Love Story Can Love Happen Twice?. Like It Happened Yesterday is his third book. Like It Happened Yesterday After having spent most of his life in Burla...
Author signing by "Kota Neelima" for the book of "Shoes of the dead".
Event Date : 24 May 2013
Kota Neelima is a political editor with The Sunday Guardian and a Research Fellow for South Asia Studies at The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies,...
Author signing by "Amish Tripathi", author of bestselling titles "Immortals of Meluha , Secret of the Nagas and Oath of the Vayuputra
Event Date : 07 March 2013
Amish Tripathi is bestselling Indian author. Amish is a 1974-born, IIM (Kolkata)-educated boring banker turned happy author...